Disney Licensed Kids Ride On Car Electric Lightning McQueen

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Kids Ride-On Car Electric Lightning McQueen

Welcome to the Lightning McQueen! Straight from the world of Disney Cars, our Lightning McQueen kids ride on car is ready to put the racing factor into your kid’s riding pleasure The paintwork is awesome as are the detailing and livery. You also get a pair of cute eyes that animates with the motion. Every bit as real as what you can expect from the genuine article. Inside, the controls are simple with a push-button start, forward and reverse control and a step-on accelerator. Safety features include a spacious seat with belt, four-wheel suspension and a soft speed system. Not least, a full charge of the long life battery can give your child up to two hours of exhilarating fun. Perfect for any Cars enthusiast three years and above.

* Genuine Cars Lightning McQueen
* Stunning lacquer finish
* Push button start
* Four-wheel suspension
* 30W motor with 6V battery
* Forward and reverse motion
* Anti-slip and wide seat
* Suitable for children 3-7 years

* Brand: Disney
* Model: Lightning McQueen
* Motor: 30W
* Max Speed: 4km/h
* Gears: Forward & reverse
* Seat Belt: Adjustable
* Battery: 6V 7Ah
* Battery Charger: AC100-240V 50Hz(DC8V 800mA)
* Output: DC6V
* Charging time: 8 to 12hrs
* Range: 1 to 2hrs (full charge)
* Recommended age range: 3+ years
* Note: Assembly required
* Max user weight: 30kg
* Size: 115cm x 63.5cm x 52cm

Package Content
1 x Disney Lightning McQueen Race Car
1 x Battery charger
1 x User Manual

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